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Facility Highlights

At Everlove Learning Center, our facility is uniquely designed with 4 distinct classrooms and a spacious backyard playground, ensuring a rich and varied environment for every child.


Our classrooms are bright, airy, and filled with natural light, creating an inviting space for learning and creativity. Each room is equipped with age-appropriate, safe learning materials that encourage exploration and discovery."

  • Classroom 1: Imagination & Learning - A vibrant space for art, music, reading, yoga, dance, and creative play. 

  • Classroom 2: Nourishment & Engagement - Enjoy meals together and engage in small group activities on STEM.

  • Classroom 3: Rest & Quiet Play - A tranquil area for naps, quiet toy play, and focused study.

  • Classroom 4: Musical Harmony & Creativity - A harmonious blend of music and creativity awaits here.

Outdoor Play Area

Our outdoor play area, designed for fun and exploration, features safe play equipment for running, climbing, and imaginative play. It's a space where every child can connect with nature and engage in physical activity, fostering a well-rounded and inclusive learning experience.

Explore Our Toy Collection

Image by Xavi Cabrera
Image by Mourizal Zativa
Image by Eduardo Rodriguez
Colorful Toys
Shape Sorter
Image by Jerry Wang
Image by Nick Nice
Image by Michał Bożek
Image by Teo Zac
Image by Vanessa Bucceri
Image by John Doyle
Toy Train
Teddy Bear
Classic Abacus
Craft Supplies
Bowling Set
Building Blocks
Wooden Cars
Stacking Pieces
Shape Sorter
Stacking Rings
Washi Tapes
Arts & Crafts Supplies
Oil Paint
Colorful Alphabets

Safety and Security

The safety of your children is our top priority. Our center is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, including surveillance cameras and controlled access. Trained staff are always on duty to ensure your child’s safety.

Everlove Learning Center is more than just a childcare facility; it's a carefully crafted environment designed to foster growth, learning, and joy. We invite you to schedule a visit to see firsthand the wonderful space we've created for our children.

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